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9mm 100 Grain Enhanced Penetration Hollow Point, Frangible, Lead Free

Case:  Premium New Brass

Projectile:  Compressed Copper Enhanced Penetration Frangible Hollow Point

Velocity:  1350 fps

This high quality 9MM Self Defense ammunition is great for having the knock down power that our customers require to stop a threat cold in its tracks.  Maximum Impact Hollow Points are designed for self-defense and Law Enforcement applications.  MI Hollow Points are designed to inflict maximum soft tissue damage while maintaining incapacitating penetration.

This ammunition is gaining popularity due to its many features, one of which is the unique quality of reducing the liability of a ricochet or missed shot.  Law enforcement averages one out of four hits on target in a high stress situation, so reducing the instance of bystander injury is a luxury not afforded in a jacketed hollow point.  It is ideal for the protection of our schools, malls, homes, and communities--which makes Maximum Impact Frangible Hollow Points the ideal carry ammuntion.

And did we mention they're lead free?  That means the paramedics won't have to worry about lead poisoning while treating the intruder.

  • Item #: MI09100RHHP050

9MM 100 Grain EP Hollow Point, Maximum Impact, 20 Ct

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